Futuristic zombie poems* and some new friends**………

July seems to be as positive as June.

I’m delighted to have been invited to work on another major project with Big Star Copywriting. I was feeling pretty low about my health and circumstance at the start of the year, so naturally having my commercial writing sought out, and getting good feedback is a big boost. My only caution is that my natural work ethic means that I tend to put paid work first. This is right and proper, but it does mean a lot of micro-management and balance within the life of someone who has M.E. I’m doing okay with it, but I do need to remember it’s permissible (and wise) to say no.


Primers is my current creative focus. Thanks to the care and time from my lovely Beta readers, I have two poems I will definitely submit and two I’m almost sure are ready to go. There are two that need to be hatched…..my deadline is July 22nd, so I need to get cracking this week .

I started a very short online course with The Poetry School, called Archiving the Self, looking at our every-day lives and how we could write about them. It seems ideal for me because my life can be quite static at times. Learning how to respond to my world, however limited means I feel less trapped by circumstance. I’m hoping working with other poets will bring a new dimension to my work too. My plan (if it works) is that this course will contribute to the last two Primers poems.


I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of fitting in lately, it’s a state I’ve never been lucky enough to inhabit and one that has never really worked if I’ve tried to move in to it. With writing (and any creative activity) it is a tricky subject. Talking with my writers and readers group last night** it was clear that responding to the needs of agents and publishers can be a creative challenge. I’m nowhere near that stage and I’m kind of glad, although there is an element of coherence required when submitting for competitions and magazines, after-all It would be pointless to submit my best futuristic zombie poem* to a magazine that specialised in post-Freudian theory. I planned to do a great deal of research on this over the summer, but things are taking a different turn. Hopefully it will be something I can focus on in the autumn, once I’ve submitted my assessment work.

Here’s hoping the positive trajectory continues. As ever I couldn’t do any of this without the care and support of those close to me, and without the interest and enthusiasm of everyone who reads, shares, follows or gives a cursory glance to what I’m up to. Happy Tuesday !

*I don’t have a futuristic zombie poem. Yet.

**I’ve joined a group of like-mined people, who love words. Several are proper published and everything. I was terrified to go to my first meeting (social anxiety is not a good companion) but they’re a kind and interesting bunch. I’m glad I was brave.

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