Reasons I like the world cup

IMG_0998There’s just one I’m afraid . Quite simply it gives me more time to write. I’ve squirrelled myself away from the falling down and kicking around that is the wonder of football and had a rather good week. I’m really enjoying my new work project, which I’m finding easy to build around my pace/rest regime. I’ve  also sent two potential Primers poems out to my long-suffering Beta readers and had decent feedback. Sending work out is so scary, even more when it’s people who know me, but the feeling when someone “gets” what I was trying to say is incredible. It’s why I keep pushing on despite the challenges.

I’m looking forward to my Poetry School course too, called Archiving the Self , I think it will work well within my wider efforts to improve my mental and physical health. The start of this year was difficult (more than I realised at the time) but I feel like things are joining up as the year moves on.

A short post, so I can enjoy some sunshine, happy Friday everyone, and thank you, as ever for your ongoing interest and support.


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    Amazing photo

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