Dust is a poetry pamphlet written by me and illustrated by Saffron Russell. It grew from my own experience of losing my brother to suicide and a desire to share this story to continue conversations about mental health and despair. The pamphlet was written thanks to a bursary from Raven Studios, and produced thanks to the the generosity of its crowdfunders.

All profits from Dust go to two important charities, CALM and UKSobs. We have already raised almost £550 for these charities, with more to come from future sales.

Praise for Dust

The poems in this collection exist in the liminal place in which traumatic grief places us. This negative space is expressed in the careful use of white space on the page, the gentle, delicate cut of  language. These are elegant, controlled but brutal poems in which love settles as dust over the remains of loss leave the reader with the sense of time stood still, where grief is simultaneously happening in the past and the present. A beautiful collection of poems from an intelligent and talented poet.

Wendy Pratt – Spelt Magazine

Kathryn Anna Marshall’s pamphlet Dust opens with an image of weightlessness – and through these skillful and courageous poems, she examines the shockwave of grief experienced by families when a loved one dies by suicide, leaving the foundations of their lives irrevocably uprooted. Here, we encounter the “little sister” who  “looks to the sky / and wonders / about gravitational / collapse”, navigate the memories of the before and the after, and hear the deep, resounding heart-song of loss.

Jane Commane – Nine Arches Press

These are poems of love and loss, where ‘dust’ not only embodies death but something tangible – the weight of grief itself, which ‘settles like ash / gritty teeth chalk tongue/swallow / it down’.

Kathryn Anna Marshall writes beautifully and with candour on survival and trauma. The world she conjures is lit with pain and confusion, the realm of those left behind. Details are steeped in importance, ‘at twelve minutes past eight / they cremated you’; dreams and possessions stir memories, regrets; and with heart ache comes harsh clichés, ‘You learn legs do go / from beneath’. Yet hope belongs to the living, and together, these tender, potent elegies are a songbook to the ‘soft promise’ of spring.

Ian Humphreys

Dust is a poignant pamphlet that bravely navigates grief and the immeasurable loss felt after Marshall’s brother took his own life. These heartfelt and powerful poems try to explain the thought process and steps to recovery that she undertook after such personal trauma. But they also encourage us to look out for, and engage with, one another more to prevent such tragedies happening again elsewhere.

Lewis Wyn Davies

You can follow the journey of Dust, from concept through to publication on my blog.

Crowdfunders for Dust

Martin Harrison

Carlota Marshall

Gill Ford          

Emma Knights 

Katherine Ash  

June Vacher

Dawn Godfrey  

Sarah Flaherty   

Rosemary Sykes

Bob Marshall

Kat Welding     

Hannah Bufton 

Alice Whitehead

Jane Commane 

Mark Urey        

Dianna & Mark 

Joanne Phillips  

Cherry Doyle    

Natalie Mayfield

Sian Watson     

Matt Dixon       

Elaine Lawson  

Derryck Strachan           

Lynn Valentine 

Jo Clarke          

Amanda Smith  

Steve Marshall  

Maggie Cameron           

Angela Dempster           

Joanna Ingleby  

Heidi Johnson  

Steve Coleman

Susan Aspell     

David Raymont

Carolyn Healy   

Jenine Petley     

Amanda Smith  

Lewis Davies    

Claire Pennell   

Thank you all so much

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