The pressure to be positive. 

I try to keep this blog positive. No one likes to read something that makes them miserable, and I certainly don’t like to write it. Unfortunately, the danger of being positive, especially online is that an illusion of perfection is created. I don’t want to do that. 

M.E. is a foul thief of life. It is not nice. It is not easy. It is certainly not something I would choose. 

And I feel uncomfortable writing that. 

Will you think I’m looking for pity? Sympathy? A pat on the head and a big well done? I hope not. The reality is that I have to be positive, or I would not carry on ploughing through the days when I can’t dress, can’t wash, can’t cope with listening to the radio.  I have to be positive, to allow me to empathise with the utter lack of understanding,and occasional ignorance. Forgive for the times when I lapse, and feel the need to mention that it’s not easy. Forgive me also for “banging on” about M.E., it’s a constant companion unfortunately. I know I am lucky, and I have always been a counter of blessings, but sometimes, the pressure to pretend all is peachy is a little overwhelming. Having friends it’s safe to be weak in front of is a precious thing. Having friends who allow me to feel sad and frustrated about things is more precious still. 

Normal cheery service will resume next week. Honest. 



  1. AmandaWW says:

    This is an exact representation of my life too. I’m sorry you are going through a tough patch. They are numerous and frequent and that’s not fair. It is how this strange entity called “life” is, and we can only live it as best we can. You do a great job of that Scarlet, and I feel lucky to have met you. Take care. xo


    1. KathrynAnna says:

      Thank you xx Kind words mean a lot x


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