So, all a little quiet on the blogging front. I’ve managed to delete my old posts and all your lovely comments. Mildly frustrated, but I’ll keep poking about to try to restore them.

In other news, writing has been going well. I’ve completed two more poems for my final assignment, which I’m quite happy with. They’re a little lighter than previous work, I’m trying to step outside writing about my personal feelings, and consider wider issues. I’m also trying to bring in more humour. We’ll see if anyone laughs.

The most exciting thing is the creative writing ink photo prompt, which has given me a way i can publish some of my writing for you to read. It gives you a snapshot of my style. I hope you enjoy reading them, just click the #creativewritingink tab for this weeks piece.

I’m off to learn how to write a blog and keep it. And possibly to watch a bit more of Michael Palin travelling around the world.

Stop Press (do people still say that ?), I’ve figured it out ! Hoorah !


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