A day off…….

No formal writing for me today. I’ve managed drafts of two short stories this week, as well as my assignment poems. It’s unusual for me to be well enough to be so productive,so I’m really pleased!

I’m going out today, nothing exciting, but at least I’ll be out . I miss seeing people,not friends as such, but just the general hubbub of a pub or supermarket. Just listening to some of the random conversations that go on gives me little gems of inspiration. Failing that,they give me a good chuckle.

This is the point where I should tell you about my notebook that I take with me everywhere.I can’t I’m afraid. I still feel like numpty if I start making notes in public. It all feels a bit affected. Plus I’ve never got one with me, so anything I do jot down is on a bit of serviette or the back of a receipt. I get little notey surprises, and have to puzzle out what was so fascinating about “lady with brown coat, and lopsided smile” . It entertains me, if nothing else. Mostly I use my phone for notes, it feels a bit less weird, plus I can colour code everything, which means I’ve got a better chance of remembering my own thread.In theory at least.

So, out I go, to purchase sausages. Here’s to seeing many,many interesting folk. And to a good lunch.




  1. Hannah Bufton says:

    Love the thoughts about the notebook . The only tint I’ve seen one being used with gusto recently was Rick Stein . I guess it doesn’t seem as obtrusive then – to the chef/ cook he’s watching it is, in fact , flattery

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  2. Hannah Bufton says:

    One , not tint ! Autocorrect ..

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