We keep going

We do. I do. Even when keeping going is less than simple. This week has been one of peaks and troughs. I began with a visit to Nettie of the Gorge, a beautiful florists in Ironbridge. My nervous gabble about my flower poems was well received, and not only will I be selling my work in this gorgeous space, I got some solid advice about how to make the work into a more appealing format. I’ve also spent time this week fine tuning my Etsy offering, creating Flower Scrolls that I think look gorgeous and can offer at an affordable price point. I enjoy this – it’s hard not to get disheartened (instant success is not going to happen) but I feel I have a strong product and hope that things will take off soon.

I’ve also revamped my Bespoke Poetry offering, thinking about the different occasions I can write for, and increasing my online presence. If you have a moment to check out my Etsy shop and share it via your social media or messages that would be amazing.

I’ve also spent time this week writing and researching articles for my Substack. I’m enjoying thinking about the connections with writing and wellbeing, and the research I’m doing is adding substance to writers workshops I am developing for the latter part of the year. It’s good to be using my research skills for something I really believe in.

My substack is also going to be home to my readings – part of my mentoring workshop involves me reading my own work, for feedback and critique and I’ve realised I really enjoy reading the poems aloud, and to an audience. I’ll be adding poems to my Substack over the summer.

My week ended with two hours of immersion in poetry. I am so glad I took the plunge to have professional mentoring with Wendy Pratt. I feel more in control of my own work, know where to improve and crucially know where my strengths lie. I feel like I’ve had a mini spa – the tension and strain has left my shoulders and the sense of uselessness (an inevitable consequence of unemployment) has faded a little. And so, I keep going.

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  1. What an amazing transformation. Turning your talent and passion into a viable and beautiful business. Then putting that loveliness out into the world. I am so impressed and you must be very proud Xx


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