Stepping out

One of my prompts for “Approaching your writing with a beginner’s mind” was to imagine an alien describing earth. Perfect timing – I’ve had two outings this week, (I only left the house once in the whole of January) and I always feel like a detached observer, especially when it’s been so long since I’ve been out of my own four walls.  It’s quite daunting, and always feels odd, my voice feels too loud, I say the wrong things and struggle to follow conversations. I want to explain to people, but don’t want to worry them, or seem more weird. I look fine, you see. Make up on, all my clothes in the right place, no obvious physical signs of illness. I think I just appear a little brusque. Worries aside, this feeling of detachment was helpful for getting into the idea of seeing the world through alien eyes, and made for some interesting scribbles.

Intrepid excursions aside, I’m getting a lot from my mini course. It’s all online, and a very small group. The course is designed to get us experimenting, and enjoying writing again. I realised I got so caught up in the maze of submissions and competitions, that I had almost stopped writing anything new, and certainly stopped having fun with it. I’m enjoying the prompts, and enjoying the group – it’s not as serious as the Poetry School courses I’ve done in the past, and I think that’s helping me. These long periods of being bed/house bound have a negative impact on my confidence, and the gentle, collaborative nature of this course is softly rebuilding it.

You can find out more about Wendy Pratt’s work here

Thank you all for your kind comments and responses, things do feel pretty isolated at times,and the messages and cards make a huge difference. You’re ace !

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