What is imposter syndrome? It’s having a poem accepted for publication yesterday and thinking it must be because they’re desperate for stuff. It’s having a poem rejected yesterday and finding comfort that at least they didn’t just accept that piece at the start of the year because they were desperate. It’s reading one thing that an established poet said about new poets getting spacing wrong and completely changing your writing style. It’s reading every other piece of work by people on your course/in your workshop and wishing your work sounded as poetic. It’s writing a poem, redrafting, liking it and then remembering something another established poet said about really good writers never thinking their work is good. If that is the case, if only that is the case, I’m on to a winner.


  1. lydiaschoch says:

    You hit the nail on the head with this one. I find it really interesting to see how common imposter syndrome is.

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    1. Kathryn Anna Marshall says:

      I also wonder when (if) it ever stops….


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