I’m so excited about this…and a tiny bit nervous…

It’s been ages since my last post. I’ve been writing on and off, as well as spending time with family and the all the recovery that entails. I’m in the midst of a big copywriting project, which I’m loving but doesn’t leave lot of brain space for my other work. Having said that, I’ve managed a couple of submissions to some cool indie lit mags as well as putting together my entry for Bridport, which is due at the end of May. This will be my second time entering what is one of the most coveted prizes in the writing scene. I’m excited about what I’ve produced, and allow myself the pipe dream of winning. It really is the taking part that counts though.

None of that is the exciting news though. I’ve saved that as a reward for those of you who click the link and read beyond the head line. I am delighted to say I have been appointed as Poet in Residence for the Secret Severn art group. This group of artists have been exhibiting in the Ironbridge Gorge for several years, and run an art trail every autumn. I’ve been an enthusiastic visitor since the start and am delighted to have the chance to work alongside people whose work I admire and respect. We’re ironing out the details of what my role will be, but I’m hoping to produce a collection of poems based on the art itself, as well as capturing the atmosphere of the public exhibitions. It’s thrilling and terrifying and entirely wonderful.

In other less thrilling news I’m still waiting to hear back from most of my recent submissions (everything runs on a quarterly cycle). I am happy to have been long listed for Fly on the Wall‘s Planet in Peril anthology.Whilst I’m sad I didn’t make it into the anthology I had the loveliest feedback from the editor, and it’s good to know she liked the poem. It’s hard not to flop over and give up sometimes, but it really is a case of being the best fit. Not every submission makes it, and being in the top 20% is something I feel reasonably pleased with.

So that’s a whistle stop tour of the last month. I’m still listing from well to ill and back again, but I can confidently say this year has been a good one for developing my writing, and learning what does and doesn’t matter. Thanks for reading, thanks for being interested, and thank you in advance for liking, sharing and shouting about my efforts. However small.



  1. Congratulations on the appointment, that is very exciting!

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  2. Marie says:

    Many congratulations! What wonderful, well deserved, news! Xxx

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  3. Congratulations! Brilliant and well deserved.

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