Quiet isn’t it ? I saw my first bulbs peeping through the frosty soil this morning though….so spring will be here and dark December days will be gone again.
It’s almost two years since I began this blog, and whilst it hasn’t always been cheery to write, or read I am so glad I have been candid in my approach. Being honest is hard, and there are plenty of people who will dislike and deride anyone who expresses distasteful emotions.  Thankfully, the few people I know like that have gone off to fix other poor souls, leaving me to write and holler and hope in the way that’s best for me.

I begin 2019 in a place of confidence, which will wobble I know, but I have moved away from negativity and from forcing myself to fit with others. On a personal level, I am freer than I’ve been for a number of years, and as a writer my love of what I do is growing every day. I’ve had news of another piece being published, (details to be kept under wraps for now), and have some exciting projects lined up for the next few months. I’m reading and learning every day, and love the process of creating a piece of work.

My goal for this blog is to grow the audience, and to put more of my work on here, so do keep checking back to see what’s going on.

Finally, as ever, thanks to those who interact whether here or on social media. Yelling to the dark is ok, but it’s much nicer when I get a reply.

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  1. Wired and Wistful says:

    Congratulations for another publication. Look forward to finding out a bit more about it and your new projects. Such a lovely positive post x

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