How to wait

I have no idea. I am terrible at waiting. I pace and clock watch, tap and huff. I loathe being at the mercy of someone else. I am very much in limbo at the moment. The shortlist for Primers has not emerged, I’m waiting for my first assignment from The Poetry School, and the flow of work from my favourite copy-writing agency has stemmed a little.

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I’m terrible at waiting, but I can make decent Yorkshire Puddings.

The only one of these things I’ve been able to anything about is the paid work, and I’ve found a few straightforward online spots that post plenty of jobs to tide me over. It isn’t as satisfying as working on the more in-depth articles,but at least I get that feeling of value that “working” gives.

Regarding the creative side, well, I’ve just got to wait. I seem to have got my brain in to a loop, where it won’t start any new work until I know how I’ve done with my submission. I think I’m looking for either reassurance that I’m on the right track, or some indication that I need to do things differently. Of course, if I’m not selected, it doesn’t necessarily mean that, it just means my work isn’t quite right for this publisher. I’d still like to know though.

Health is creeping back up. It’s been hard getting over all the fun of August, and as ever I’ve made the mistake of pushing too hard. I’m not sure I’ll ever learn or allow myself not to.  Winter gloom has threatened, but has been chased off by doing that age old thing of telling people who know and care. I have learnt that at least.

Not a great deal of news. I may go and make some soup to take my mind off all the pending possibilities.



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