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Unsurprising considering my august August. Fun and fabulousness means a time of being not very well at all. As ever, I tried to battle through, which worked as well as it always does. Was it worth it? Most definitely. Would I like not to lose two weeks for four days of happy times. Of course. Do I know how lucky I am to be able to choose to do this? Absolutely.

Summer is over though, which is always sad, and always makes me want to buy stationery. I’ve had a little tidy of my desk (should have rested), and sent my assessment pack for O.C.A. . I’m glad to have finished this course, but a bit sad because I think it may be my last one. Money is having to be used for more pressing matters, so I’m likely to abandon the degree course. I have benefited already though, and certainly wouldn’t be at the stage I am now without the learning from this first level. Fingers crossed I can at least do a course for my own development (there’s one about old style poetry; I need to truly master the basics I think), even though it won’t count towards the degree.

Having said that, I’ve entered two more competitions, one with a prize of £2000, so if that comes off, I may be ok! Fingers crossed.

Sorry for the short post, poorliness is dominant today. Apologies for any bad spelling/grammar too. Brain fog. Not a happy writing companion.



  1. June says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself , best wishes for your poetry


  2. Marie says:

    It must be difficult knowing that whilst you are having fun there are going to be repercussions. I think you do a fab job of not letting that stop you. I’m sure I would be rather inclined to hold back a little. So, well done for not letting it prevent you from living life. That is definitely the way to be xx Hope you recover soon so you can do it all again xxx much love xxxx

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    1. KathrynAnna says:

      Thank you Marie (I’ve only just seen this, no idea why). I often wish I held back when I’m in the middle of the bad bit, plus there is always the fear that one day I won’t get back up to my baseline. My brain does a marvellous job of forgetting how bad it felt once I’m through the other side x


  3. Hannah Bufton says:

    I shall do a little Good Luck dance for that competition x

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