And they’re off….


I’m a little quivery. I’ve spent a six weeks preparing six poems to send as my submission for Primers mentoring and publication scheme.

I ought to say it’s been blood sweat and tears, but in truth I’ve loved every second. Creating the work has felt like a completing a puzzle. I love taking scraps of thoughts and ideas and trying to make something that is meaningful not just to me but to other people.

It’s a brilliant moment when someone “gets” what I was saying, or a memory is sparked. It’s equally as brilliant when someone sees something unintended, but personal for them. And it’s even brilliant when someone says “it’s not for me”, because not everything is everyone’s cup of tea. That’s easy to say, but reaching the point where I can feel happy enough about what I produce to welcome criticism and handle rejection is a huge step.

I’ll know in around six weeks whether I’ve made the shortlist. After that I need to put together a further fifteen pieces for submission to the second stage, and results will be announced in October. Who knows if I’ll even get past the first stage, but my goodness, I feel tip-top just having done this much. A big, big thank you to my six lovely friends who’ve read my work, given insightful and honest feedback and generally cheer me on .  Hope you’re ready for the next round x



  1. Congrats on the courage to submit your poetry. May it touch minds and hearts.

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