Good things are happening…

A lot happens in a week. I’ve said before that I am frustrated by my slow progress (well done for sticking with me) but I have gained a little momentum this week. I’m a bit like my late sown annuals. Nothing seems to be happening other than getting more raggy looking because of all the slugs chomping away then suddenly a bit of sunshine comes and away they go. I will have flowers this year!

My sunshine has come in many forms. The actual sunshine is a boost. Visits and care from friends both near and far have been abundant and restored some confidence and certainty in what I do. I’m leaving the house next week to go to a Poetry Breakfast held at the rather wonderful Wenlock Books This gives me a chance to hear some great poetry and drink good coffee. Perfect start to the day! I’m really nervous because new people scare me. Mind you, some of the folk I’ve known for a while scare me too so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Logistics such as how to get there and all the what if’s are bothersome but I’ve the support of a good friend which makes a tremendous difference. I’m excited to hear poetry being read and to be able to meet other poets face to face. I’m also excited to be going on a tiny adventure.

I’ve enrolled on a new poetry workshop with The Poetry School It has the rather grand title Archiving the Self. It sounds like it will be a lot of self-indulgence. It’s not, rather it’s looking at how we create a record of our response to the outside world and using this archive to build great poetry. It’s an antidote to the minefield that is our digital archive and the negative way our output on social media is interpreted. This will coincide with an important part of my health management and I’m hoping the two will work well together.

Work on my poems for Primers is going well drawing on the changing views from my window, wildlife and environmental changes. I’m hopeful that this will be complimented by work from the workshop which will tap in to a different aspect of writing. I’m managing to silence the voice that tells me I’m wasting my time. It’s a pesky little fellow but a completely normal part of trying to create anything. I am excited by what I’m producing and feel more confident that I could be on the right track. For now.

I’d love your feedback on how you keep going when your confidence is knocked . Any other feedback is welcomed too, as are your likes, shares, subscription and any other way of gaining support and input.

Happy Friday !


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