Writing as therapy?

I find this time of year very tough. Many people dislike the dark nights, the pressure or chaos of Christmas, the juggling and jibing of relatives. For me, it’s the start of  what is the happiest and saddest time of the year. I hate it. Then hate myself for hating it and try to embrace and smile and cheer myself on, repeating and repeating that it’s no one else’s fault and I mustn’t bring them down.  I remind myself I have a warm home, food and some caring friends, and I am incredibly grateful for all this. I show my happiest face to the public, because that is what one does and I’d say seventy percent of the time I manage to maintain “up.”

The issue is the thirty percent, when the mantra of counting blessings doesn’t always work, it doesn’t ring true, when the fog of sadness is so dense it blinds me. To answer the title question, of course writing is therapy. The moments when words tumble out, unedited and unplanned are sometimes my only way of unraveling the knot of compliance I have created . It won’t often be good writing. It is often terrible. It is messy,self indulgent and confused but it will is real and it will is useful. Sometimes I review what I’ve written and have no idea what I was on about. Sometimes I know all too well and have to stop reading. Occasionally (very occasionally) I see something that goes past all the indulgent emotion and presents itself as being suitable to be fashioned into something decent.

Writing rooted in dark emotions is infinitely more interesting, than writing brimming with joy and light. Too much joy, makes me uncomfortable although I do enjoy all the happy stuff people post on social media, it’s nice to see smiley faces. In darker times I have a powerful need to identify, to feel less alone in my emotions.A well written account of an emotion or experience with does this, regardless of whether it is within the sphere of my personal truth, the feelings can be similar.

To answer the question, writing and is therapy. Whatever the emotion is getting all that sadness or jealousy or anger out on the page means it is easier to analyse and to deal with. It also means it is out, rather than eating away inside. A suppressed emotion is a dangerous thing. Writing is therapy, comfort and often truth.

I need your help ! As you know,  being half housebound means my main way  of communication is Facebook, can you help me out by sharing my post ? I’m trapped in the maze of the algorithm, which means that the only way of boosting my audience is to a)pay lots of money or b) make a shameless plea to my lovely readers. I’ve gone for the latter. 

I’d also really value some feedback. What is good to read ? Is there too much M.E. stuff ? Do you want more on my views about the iambic pentameter ? Stories about kittens? Comment below, or if that’s too public ( I know some of you are shy ) just drop me a message through my  Facebook page KathrynAnnaWrites. Thank you so very much for your interest and support. It is invaluable.



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