Out of shape……

It’s almost a month since I wrote anything. I mean anything. Other than my work for the hotel, and a few scrappy notes, not a jot has been jotted. I want to say I feel bereft; the truth is my head just feels too full. I’m afraid to put a chink in the dam. Between global horror, domestic politics and personal peripherals, I have more thoughts than I can cope with.

But I do miss it. I feel panicked, worried that I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learnt, and worried to start again. I suppose it must be like this for folk who exercise and then spend two weeks eating doughnuts.

The fact that my college is dragging it’s feet over a decision about my next course isn’t helping. Whilst I’ve not been worried about getting yet another qualification, having the chance moved away from me rankles somewhat. Time is crucial, and at the moment it’s being wasted . Never a nice feeling. Perhaps feeling annoyed about this is my doughnut?

Of course,the answer is to write. I have work writing scheduled for tomorrow, but I have promised myself that Wednesday will be a day of creativity, playing with writing prompts, looking through all the photos of graffiti I took whilst I was on holiday, and making something I love.

No more doughnuts.


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