Over the last week, I’ve had to make some decisions about what to study for my next module. The official choice is scriptwriting.I was so excited about this, my secret ambition has been to write a radio play; it’s a medium I love, and never fail to be amazed by the emotion and impact of a fifteen minute drama. My new module arrived, glamorously wrapped in red tissue paper. I unwrapped it, and began planning. As I read, my heart started to sink. As Facebook friends will know my new course is heavily based around films. Now, this isn’t an obvious hardship, but in terms of active, functional hours, watching and analysing films would add around 4 hours to each week. Combined with the difficulties of using voice recognition software for script layout, it seems that this particular course is not for me. It’s a tough decision, because I hate to give in to the limitations, but I also have to make the best use of my time. I’m hoping OCA will be able to help me find an alternative course that will continue to train my creative writing skills. I’ll keep you posted! 


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  1. Hannah says:

    Correct decision !
    You don’t want to fo film-life is too short

    Onwards & upwards x

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