Short stories, poetry and new adventures.

IMG_20170414_094859-1Yesterday I sent my entries for The Bridport Prize. I’ve entered in the both the short story and poetry categories, and I’m pleased with what I’ve submitted. The Bridport Prize is definitely a literary affair, looking for subtle, unusual writing that brings something new to the literary world. I was intimidated by it last year, and I was intimidated by it this year. The difference this year is that I decided to have some fun, and regain the joy I feel when writing. The work I submitted was the result of much redrafting, and bears little resemblance to my original piece. I’m getting much better at cutting things that don’t add to the story, and letting go of ideas that don’t work. It’s an interesting story, exploring grief and guilt. It’s also quite funny. I do like a bit of juxtaposition.

The poem I submitted is one of my favourites from my year studying with OCA. Again,it’s something I really enjoyed writing, and redrafting. It evolved beautifully, and was a joy to work with.

Sending these entries marks something of an ending for me.  I’m taking my writing in a different direction for the rest of the year, learning new skills, and taking up a very exciting opportunity.

I do like to be seasonally relevant.

Happy Easter!

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