Sick bed scribbles…..

Ah. Bet you’re fed up of reading that! I can’t seem to make progress this year, of course I may just be more aware because I’m writing this! 

It feels irrelevant to be thinking about writing today. Whatever your political view, the changes that are being made go beyond trade and borders,to the point of revealing the heart of the country I was born in. I do not like the desire for isolation.I do not like the division that is being fuelled. I do not like the fear and hate that have been so skilfully stoked. And so, not liking these things makes art,poetry,music more relevant than ever. We may have been told we don’t need experts, but we can’t be convinced we don’t need a heart . 


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  1. Hannah says:

    Hear hear !
    The rise & fall of civilisation. It appears that a vocal & powerful minority have forgotten the lessons of the past .
    The arts, music , creative writing .
    As you say – all the more important now

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