Easing forwards……

I’ve been less ill this week. To give context, this means I’ve been able to get up, dress, perhaps make toast and generally function. I pushed myself on Wednesday to spend time with some dear friends (the type who wouldn’t mind if I was in my pyjamas when they visited), and whilst my body is complaining, my mind is delighted. Having a bit of the outside world brought in has been so good. 

There has been progress with writing too. This week has seen a submission to shooterlitmag.com, and an entry to the Yeovil short story competition . I’m hoping to spend the rest of the week working on my Crow stories, a more involved piece for The Bridport Prize. 

The two things I find most difficult are focusing on one project at a time, and actually finishing a piece. I always feel my short stories tail off rather unsatisfactorily. This might come from my own dislike of neat endings in fiction, or it might be because I keep flitting around. Sometimes I just get bored, which must indicate that I need a new idea, or at least a new angle on an old idea. Experimenting with point of view helps me with this.  Poetry seems easier, perhaps because the shape and aim seem to make themselves clear as I write. A good short story seems frustratingly out of reach.  Any tips are welcome! 



  1. Hannah says:

    I really enjoyed your short stories !
    The ones I read had most satisfactory endings .
    Perhaps it is hard to gauge oneself ?
    Will the Crow series include the one with the white feather ?

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    1. KathrynAnna says:

      It is i think; I am well trained in self criticism! That’s why feedback is so valuable. Yes, the white feather story is a starting point for the crow stories. I’ve got a great bunch of them living on the land opposite​, and they’re really interesting me. I’m so glad you enjoy the stories, that is the point of them after all, but it’s very easy to forget this when I get embroiled in the world of competitions and submissions 😊


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