A week is a long time in politics…..

……….and and even longer time when you’re lying in bed watching QVC because everything else is just too noisy.

I wouldn’t be quite so miffed if I’d had a wild weekend in Vegas. This particular suspension of existence was caused by a very gentle, very middle aged trip to Canterbury. Walking around one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the country is just too much it seems. I am incredibly glad to have gone though, being so close to history lights my soul. I’m hoping to be able to translate some of my notes into a piece of writing soon.

One positive about being stuck in bed is that I’ve been able to watch the birds, in particular a group of crows that are making comical use of the bird feeder. The dynamics of the various species are fascinating me, and I think a story, or a series of vignettes might be developing. It’s pretty hard to write at length at the moment, so I’m having to content myself with brief notes and the hope that I’ll understand my shorthand. I tried out my Dragon voice to text software, in the hope that it would make things easier. It didn’t. Paper and pencil is my only way I think.

So, this is a very brief post. This is the most precarious time I find, once I am well enough to get myself dressed, I tend to think I can conquer Everest.  Or at least the pile of washing. Pace and rest. It’s the future.


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