Refining and redrafting

I hated redrafting my work. When I first started studying with OCA, it took me so long to get a piece completed, that I couldn’t bear to begin pulling it apart.It felt so personal. Luckily I had a very patient tutor for my Writing Skills course, who gently helped me see past my ego, and focus on what I was trying to achieve.  The most valuable thing I learnt from my first course is that the first draft of anything is just a sketch, a whoosh of ideas tumbling on to the page. Picking through the ideas, taking away what’s unnecessary, or getting rid of whatever insidious obsession is creeping in to my work this week,  is the best part. It’s the crafting bit. It’s also bloomin’ hard work.

I sat with a piece yesterday, which had grown from one of my middle of the night jottings. I honestly thought it couldn’t be improved (ha!), but kind of knew it needed to be. Just changing one word made the whole thing grow legs, as it were, and suddenly this short poem came to life. It’s an odd thing, it almost feels as though I have to step aside from myself, and really look at what I’m trying to say. Redrafting captures that excitement, and makes it into something that is exciting to read.

Today needs to be a rest day. This is frustrating,but necessary. Brain fog produces crazy, rubbish work.




  1. carole925 says:

    I agree with everything you are saying, Kathrynanna. I have a dozen ‘half-written’ stories at the moment while working up to Assignment 2 WSF. I can’t see through the ‘fog’ at the moment. I know they all need developing and improving, but I don’t know which one to concentrate on. There seems to be a flicker of hope in all of them, but I’m waiting for that break in the clouds that will show me the way to get down on paper what I REALLY want to say.


    1. KathrynAnna says:

      It’s hard juggling the needs of an assignment and the creative process I think. This is the first qualification I’ve worked towards where it hasn’t been enough just to meet the learning outcomes, I actually have to be original. I know it’s trite, but what helps me is just doing it. I set a timer and write. Then go back and see if it excites me.

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